Under 18s / Post-exam

The big party in Newquay

Newquay is the place to be post GCSE, come and hang out with friends, chill on the beach, learn to surf and experience what Newquay really has to offer! The nightlife in Newquay now caters for the ever popular post GCSE and summer breakers, with under-18 club nights and events, you will have an awesome time!

Parent Approval

If you are under 18, you are limited when looking for a place to stay – it’s difficult when you’re not old enough to legally book a hotel room! AbreakAway Lodge can provide great rooms for you and your mates (2 to 11 per room).  Our rooms are specially designed for young groups and are clean, comfortable, safe & secure with full CCTV and keycode room safes so your parents will approve! Come and join us for  the best summer ever!

To book for a group of under 18’s, a parent must act as Organiser for the holiday. (Don’t worry, they won’t have to come on holiday with you.)

To book a party of under-18s, please call us on 07973 823083